Make a Breach style bass

It’s been a Foolboyz weekend with Hearts Stood Still riding high in the deep house charts. We got them in to do a production tutorial about how they made the bassline in the track, which we’re told was inspired by the bass in Breach’s Jack.

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Remix competition

We are running a remix competition in conjunction with Foolboyz who have posted the parts to a deep house track they use as the basis of a YouTube tutorial in the station’s Facebook page for you to download and remix. Entrants should summit a private Soundcloud (or equivalent) link to their remix to by 28/2/14. Entries will be judged by the the Brick Lane Radio team and Foolboyz and the winner will be announced by 7/2/14. The winner will be given their own weekly show on Brick Lane Radio and, if the track is of sufficiently high standard, will have their production considered for release on our soon-to-be record label, Brick Lane Records. The details of how to download the Logic X file used by Foolboyz in the tutorial can be found in the text box below their YouTube tutorial video, which by the way is an excellent watch…

Logic X deep house tutorial by Foolboyz

We have been loving Logic X at the station ever since it was launched. There are some very cool and welcome features in there. We came across this great tutorial by the station’s own Foolboyz on YouTube so we thought we would re-post it here. The tutorial is 90 minutes long and covers writing a deep house track from scratch and runs through most of the new features in Logic X along the way.  A must watch for all you producers out there.

Foolboyz “DJ in 1 minute” series

Ever wondered about learning to become a DJ? Or maybe you are a DJ already and want to improve your skills?  Well, our friends the Foolboyz have started a weekly video tutorial on their YouTube channel. Here is the link to the first video. The tutorials are designed to get to the point very quickly and to shed light on a specific aspect of DJing each week. All platforms will be covered (CDJs, Traktor, Ableton etc.), but the first series of videos will feature vinyl…yeah!