New Timetable

We are making significant changes to the timetable. As of next month we will not be playing mainroom or EDM styles any more. This is so the station can be 100% cohesive with our soon-to-be launched label, East Recordings, rather than any judgement call on these styles. As such, Friday nights will be dedicated to Tech-house in all its colours and flavours.

We’d like to say a big thanks to Stargazer, who has been providing killer EDM mixes for the last 18 months. T3QZILL4 will be taking over Deranger’s Sunday 5pm Trap slot as of this week – shouts out, again, to Deranger for his 2 years stint with us.

Our guests this weekend

As the weekend rolls closer it’s time to announce our guest DJs for this week. On Friday at 10pm we’ve got Elektra Kute back on the decks – this time with a more trash-y set. elektra-website17 On Saturday at 9pm we’ve got Alexandra Sandereva a very elegant house DJ from Belgium. And on Sunday at 9pm it’s DJ Kommotion, a dubstep/trap DJ with attitude from the US.



Three new DJs added to the roster

What a month for the station! It’s been 5 months since we launched and BLR goes from strength. This month we’ve added a total of 6 new DJs to our roster, had Todd Terry as a guest and run our first competition. Also, a big hello to our 60 new listeners per month – thanks! So we are pleased to announce that we have 3 new DJs for your ears, and they are… DJ J Live from USA who plays UKG and Deep House. We’ve previewed a few of his sets and they sound like they could be coming out of London not America. We all know about the EDM explosion States-side but to see our across-the-pond cousins getting behind underground UK Garage just shows what a healthy state dance music is in at the moment. Chris Dub is a Dubstep and D&B DJ par excellence from London. Chris has been playing out since the 1990s in the UK starting off being influenced by the D&B sounds of Goldie and morphing into other genres like Dubstep as his sets progressed. Jaun  is a Trap DJ from Copenhagen in Denmark with a passion for all kinds of electronic music. We caught a couple of his sets on the DJ forum Mix.DJ and we were blown away.

Guest DJ Sunday 28th: Mr Aker

We’ve got London’s favourite French Trap DJ back in the hot seat on Sunday at 9.30pm (GMT). Tune in to check the sounds that are rocking the floors from urban to EDM all around the world. Plus we have extra long sets from Foolboyz, Neptune and Lord Heyz so Deranger has agreed to forego his slot this Sunday but will be back again next weekend.

Guest slot 29th June: DJ Maxflow

This Saturday at 1am (UK time) we have the Deep Addiction collective from Chicago back in the guest slot.  Two weeks ago we had Toby Goodfellow and this week it’s the turn of DJ Maxflow. So expect some very deep vibes from the spiritual home of house. logo Also, we’ve got a wicked mainroom set from Jack Kandi from Amsterdam, some jungle/d&b from DJ Neptune, a house set from Foolboyz, dubstep/trap from Derranger and finally another deep house set from Lord Heyz (NYC).