Q&A with Sagia


We start the first in our series of interviews with the artists who will be performing at our event in Trapeze Basement club on the 23rd January 2016 with Sagia.

Sagia tells about her releases on labels like Area Remote, her remix work and about the state of play of the club scene in London currently. Read the full interview here.

Make a Breach style bass

It’s been a Foolboyz weekend with Hearts Stood Still riding high in the deep house charts. We got them in to do a production tutorial about how they made the bassline in the track, which we’re told was inspired by the bass in Breach’s Jack.

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Foolboyz debut release

Foolboyz debut release on East Recordings is in stores now. And what a sick double-A single it is. One side one you have the retro deep house of I Wanna Take Off with its Mantronix-style bass and vocals chops, and on the flip the future house of Hearts Stood Still with its eerie pitched up vocal and Breach-style square wave bass. We’re expecting a lot from these guys over the next year.

Foolboyz Guest Mix

In anticipation of the launch of their debut release on East Recordings we got Foolboyz in to record a special mix for us and, boy, were the results special.

Foolboyz Hearts Stood Still Mix for Brick Lane Radio by Brick Lane Radio on Mixcloud

Foolboyz – I Wanna Take Off/Hearts Stood Still – is in stores 6th November.

Vic Vapor’s weekly residency

We loved Vic Vapor’s guess show last week so much we instantly offered him the slot Foolboyz are vacating (9pm Saturdays). We’d like to offer a big thanks for all the great mixes from Foolboyz over the last 18 months, and we’re really looking forward to hearing Vapor’s Chicago beats during his Martini Lounge show as of Saturday 14th June.

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