Marshall Jefferson at ADE

We’ve been at the Amsterdam Dance Event all week soaking up the latest in all things dance music. One of the highlights was the Beatport Q&A session with Marshall Jefferson. The “Godfather of House” spoke about everything from his early days in Chicago to the current rise in EDM; and all delivered with is trademark sense of humour.

It’s now nearly 30 years since Move Your Body was released and this landmark found Marshall in reflective mood: when asked about what’s the main difference between the scene now and back in the day he commented on how “crowded” dance music is today…apparently there are now 35,000 releases per week on Beatport compared to the twenty or so dance records released when Marshall started in the 80s.

The rise in popularity of EDM has trickled through to house music, however, and Marshall has had his busiest three years as a DJ. This has not impacted on his studio time though and fans of Ten City will be delighted to hear that the act are re-forming and will be releasing an album next year.


Deep house meets D&B

We think it’s safe to say that, in terms of dance music, deep house was king in 2014. So much so that even D&B was infused by the ubiquitous male vocal. We were really feeling D Bridge’s remix of Hybrid Mind’s Unfold from last year.

…but were even keener to find out what 2015 and will bring. As the US dance music generation develop their tastes and move on from EDM we anticipate this year will be the strongest ever for underground dance music!

Enter @ Space

The season has come to an end at Ibiza for another summer. But before it did we took the opportunity to send James Wright over to the magic Island to review Richie Hawton’s much hyped club night ENTER at Space. Read the review here and catch up on on the details…who played, what they played, the vibes etc…


Yves Eaux interview

Following on from our Danny Howard interview we’ve got Dutch DJ and producer Yves Eaux to take some time out from his busy schedule to answer some questions for Brick Lane Radio. As well as catching up with Yves regarding his production work the interview contains great tips for new DJs and his thoughts on the future of dance music.

Read the interview here.