10 tips for better DJing

The digital era has democratised DJing. With online record stores and Soundcloud anyone anywhere in the world can buy dance records and promote their sets – one no longer needs to live in an urban centre to be a DJ. Furthermore, with digital DJing and key analysis software anyone can learn the basics of DJing in a super-short time.

As such, everyone is a DJ nowadays – apparently there are now over 1 million DJs in the world! And yet with lots of great music around and the technology available to be really creative with mixing so many DJ sets we hear are vanilla. So if you want to stand out from the crowd check out our article Top 10 tips for DJs.

EDC 2013

Danny Howard interview

As promised, we’ve posted the Danny Howard interview with the people from the Electric Daisy Carnival. Danny, as you will know, is the presenter of BBC Radio One’s Dance Anthems, as well as being a respected DJ and producer in his own right.

In the full interview, which can be read here, Danny discusses his first big break as a DJ – winning a DJ competition – as well as lots of insights into the day-to-day life of a DJ, details of his up-coming releases and more!

Danny Howard

Chris Dub vs. Initial D

FS logo We’ve got a very special show lined up for Sunday 19th January: Chris Dub goes back-to-back with Initial D. D is part of the  Future Science crew, a collective of London-based D&B DJ/producers who run their own eponymous radio station and record label. We’ve heard a snippet of the set and it’s a killer – don’t take our word for it though; check it out for yourself at 7pm (GMT) 19/2/14.

Remix competition

We are running a remix competition in conjunction with Foolboyz who have posted the parts to a deep house track they use as the basis of a YouTube tutorial in the station’s Facebook page for you to download and remix. Entrants should summit a private Soundcloud (or equivalent) link to their remix to bricklaneradio@gmail.com by 28/2/14. Entries will be judged by the the Brick Lane Radio team and Foolboyz and the winner will be announced by 7/2/14. The winner will be given their own weekly show on Brick Lane Radio and, if the track is of sufficiently high standard, will have their production considered for release on our soon-to-be record label, Brick Lane Records. The details of how to download the Logic X file used by Foolboyz in the tutorial can be found in the text box below their YouTube tutorial video, which by the way is an excellent watch…

DJ Spared joins BLR roster

We’re delighted to announce that upcoming Canadian DJ/producer Spared is joining us at Brick Lane Radio. Spared (aka DJ Samus) has been playing out on the blossoming Canadian dance scene for the last 10 years and has recently branched out into production with an exciting collaboration with Marc Mysterio and Lynda Newman. You can catch his show Beats Now every Friday at 1am (GMT).  Expect to hear some cutting edge electro and mainroom beats!