iN TECH vol 7: Ghetto House Mix

East Recordings label boss Pablo del Monte started up a podcast series called iN TECH earlier this year to showcase his mixes on the tech-ier side of house music. The series is up to volume number 7 by now with this particular DJ set focuses on Ghetto House, a tough, fast genre of house that emerged from Chicago in the 1990s with DJ Deeon at the forefront of this style.

DJ Deeon, of course, came to our attention again last year with Lee Walker’s smash hit ‘Freak Like Me’, the original version of which sampled the vocal from a Deeon track. It’s an interesting back story with Mile End Records, the label Walker was signed to, licensing his version to Defected Records. Simon Dunmore, the head honcho at Defected, is a smart business man and realised that if they released the Walker’s original version they would be breaching copyright and all of the money would go to DJ Deeon. So they arranged for the vocal to be re-sung by sample re-creation company Scorchio, who not only got the new vocal sounding exactly like the original but also brushed up the Lee Walker’s mix-down. The whole process took a year, apparently, but it was worth the wait because ‘Freak Like Me’ was the top-selling house record last year and made Lee Walker hot property as a DJ.

Vic Vapor interview

We recently caught up with US deep house DJ/producer Vic Vapor and interviewed him. We’ve always know Vic was a talented DJ – one listen to his saturday night show on Brick Lane Radio and you’ll know this – but he is an equally gifted producer whose break-through releases are out very soon on Ibiza Stereo Records.

You can catch the whole interview here. There are some excellent tips for new producers and DJs alike.

Vic Vapor avatar

Vic Vapor’s weekly residency

We loved Vic Vapor’s guess show last week so much we instantly offered him the slot Foolboyz are vacating (9pm Saturdays). We’d like to offer a big thanks for all the great mixes from Foolboyz over the last 18 months, and we’re really looking forward to hearing Vapor’s Chicago beats during his Martini Lounge show as of Saturday 14th June.

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