Listening options

You can tune in and listen to Brick Lane Radio 24 hours a day 7 days a week on pretty much any internet-ready device. The various options available are…

1. The easiest way is to go to our website and the Flash player embedded on the front page of the site will start up automatically (on both PCs and Macs).

2. If you wish to browse through the site and listen to the radio station at the same time then click on the Pop-up HTML player, which opens up a separate streaming page in your browser. You will need to stop the Flash player to avoid receiving 2 versions of the same stream.

3. There is a special mobile-friendly version of the site for cells, iPads etc. To listen to the live stream you will need to first click on the directory icon (it’s a small circle in the top right corner of the site’s front page; no. 1 on image below) and then choose the ‘listen now’ option (no. 2) on the left side of the new page. Then you just need to hit ‘play’ on the media player (no. 3). If, for some reason, this fails to work then select your device type from the list (iPhone, Blackberry or Android) and then the stream will automatically start.

4. You can listen directly through your iTunes without going to our website at all. To do this you will need to select the ‘internet’ tab (top of iTunes main page). You will find Brick Lane Radio under the ‘electronica’ section. Scroll down to stations beginning with the letter ‘B’ and then just click on Brick Lane Radio to listen to the stream. Apple keep changing where internet radio stations are listed with various iTunes updates so you may have rummage around a bit to find where internet radio stations are listed (NB. this is different to iTunes Radio, which is iTunes internal radio station linked to Apple Music, as opposed to external internet radio stations).  If you can’t find us under ‘B’ then look under ‘W’ as sometimes we are listed as ‘’ as opposed to ‘Brick Lane Radio’.

5. Via our Facebook page.  On the left-hand side of the home page click on the bottom-most option (‘Listen to Brick Lane Radio’) and on the new page hit play on the media player.

6. The Throw It Up (our club night) website/blog has the BLR media player embedded in each page in the bottom right corner.  Simply hit play.

Sometimes the stream can stutter when a new DJ starts playing – refreshing your browser will fix this problem. If you experience any problems streaming please email us so that we can remedy any issues.

If you are a bar, cafe owner etc. and wish to stream our station at your venue we are happy for you to do so but we would appreciate it if you would drop us an email to inform us. We can also provide the stream link for a VLC player if you email us.