Every 2 months we run a DJ mix competition with the winning DJ’s mix being aired during one of our weekend guest slots and posted on our social media. If the mix is exceptional we may offer the DJ a regular show on the station.

Submit your mixes via WeTransfer to and put ‘competition’ in the message box, as well as your DJ name and contact email. Mixes should be 1 hour long, in any style of electronic music, recorded as an MP3 and not posted anywhere else on the web.

Mixes can be sent in anytime from the 1st day of a new month to midnight (GMT) on the last day of the month, e.g. from 1/8/13-31/8/13. The Brick Lane Radio staff will judge all the entries and the winner will be announced on first Monday of the next month.

Try and make the mixtape as original as possible. And special attention will be given to DJs who can mix in and out of different styles of music (although this is not essential).

Technical issues: record you mix as an MP3 at a bitrate of 320kbps using a sample rate of 44,100Khz (these are usually the default settings).

Good luck and get mixing!

Terms and conditions: The winner will be decided by the staff team at the station. The winning DJ will be informed of their win by email. Losers will not be informed so if you do not receive an email by the first Monday of the next month then you can assume you have not one – please don’t be offended by this it is just that we receive too many mixes to respond individually. We reserve the right not to air the winning mix if it contravenes our broadcasting quality standards: this is usually because one or more tracks in the mix has been downloaded from a torrent site/illegally and this can cause our server to crash. Also, we may not be able to post the winning mix on our Soundcloud page if it does not pass this platform’s copyright infringement software during the upload process.In this instance we will post the mix on Mixcloud instead.By submitting you provide consent for Brick Lane Radio to air your mix and post it on our social media. The decision whether to offer the winning DJ a show on the station is at the discretion of the Brick Lane Radio staff and is non-contestable.