Brick Lane Radio is a specialist house music radio station broadcasting from the heart of the creative quarter of London. Our mission is to bring the best in underground house and techno to the web, championing both local and international DJ/producer talent.

BLR was established in 2013 by DJ/producer Pablo del Monte who set up the station with a DJ collective from east London, comprising mostly Point Blank Music School students, with the specific purpose of bringing together the electronic music artists from the area, which is renowned for its mix of urban deprivation juxtaposed alongside artistic talent.

However, to reflect our international DJ roster and fan base all our website pages are translatable into any language. There are a number of listening options including streaming directly from our website, on your mobile device and through iTunes Radio. Further details about streaming options can be found here.

In 2015 we launched East Recordings, an underground house and tech-house label whose intention initially was to showcase the station’s own DJ-producers’ productions.  However, the label started getting traction from the get-go so the roster quickly became an international one.

By 2017 the label had grown so much in terms of release volume and artist roster it came impossible for us to run a scheduled timetable for the station in tandem with the label so we now play our DJs’ mixes on general rotation, except when we have a big name DJ doing a guest mix, e.g. Todd Terry, then we announce the timing of the airing of the set via the station’s rolling front page blog and on our Facebook page.

Also in 2017 we narrowed down the style of music we play to house in nearly all of its glorious underground formats (so please don’t expect to hear any EDM). In terms of what sounds you can expect to hear, we play deep house during the day and then tougher genres, like tech-house and techno after 5pm (UK time).

When we initially launched in 2013 we aired lots of D&B, dubstep and UKG, but with the launch of East Recordings it made sense that the sounds you hear coming from the station reflect those of the label and, as such, these genres were reluctantly dropped from the scheduling.

2016 saw the launch of our bi-monthly club night Throw It Up. From humble beginnings – our first party was for 50 people in a East End Printers – the night has grown quickly and we now regularly attract crowds of 300 or more at venues across east London such as 93 Feet East, Trapeze, Bedroom Bar and Shoreditch Platform.

The sound of the parties is essentially house and techno so, again, it made sense from a branding perspective that the three strands of our organisation (station, label and club night) complemented each other and that people know what to expect when they attend one of our events or buy an EP from East Recordings: the UK tech-house sound being front and at the centre of what we do.

Our Facebook page is no longer called ‘Brick Lane Radio’ and has been re-named ‘Throw It Up’ to reflect its role in disseminating information around our parties.  We are on all the usual social media platforms too but if you want to interact with us in real time this is the best place to go.  And whilst East Recordings has its own website and social media and BLR is on Twitter and Instagram  etc. too, where you can find specific information relating to these aspects of the brand, it’s the Throw It Up Facebook page that pulls all the strands together and provides an overview of what’s happening radio/party/label-wise.

In terms of changes, the final one is that BLR no longer acts as a general dance music blog. We’ve retained its front-page rolling blog function but this is geared up towards letting you know what’s happening in terms of the label and any news around its artists. The Throw It Up website now fulfils the general role of blogging news about house and techno, as well as, of course, providing information about our parties. We feel blogging is important as a) we have our finger on the pulse as to what’s happening in the world of dance music and b) it get’s tiring when brands just relentlessly push their own products.

So there have been many changes since BLR first went live in 2013, but we are still dedicated to and passionate about providing quality dance music whether it be the music played on on the station or at one of our parties, or from the latest East Recordings EP riding high in the Traxsource tech-house chart; we have essentially have grown exponentially and become more professional with time and experience.

As such, we’d like to thank our partners: Point Blank Music School (where the seed of an idea started germinating into a plan), State 51 (our label’s distributor), Jukebox PR (who do our PR), It’s A Promo Thing (who get promos of our music out to the DJs in advance of release), Traxsource (the store who have supported East Recordings the most), Ampsuite (for its label management system) and Glowcast Mastering (where Conor Dalton adds his final gloss to our releases).

We’d also like to shout out to the various venue managers for hosting our parties, DJs (both past and present) who have played either on the station or at our events, but most of all to you: the BLR listeners, the DJs buying and supporting East Recordings music and to the house and techno music fans attending our parties – we would be nothing without you!

But the story doesn’t end there. We’d like to be, within the next 5 years, one of the leading labels and club nights in the world.  We have a long way to go but we have made such huge strides in 4 short but hectic years why not?  We have a seriously talented roster of up-coming DJs and producers, who are supported by a hard-working and savvy team of label managers and promoters, so with the correct platform in place we expect that amongst these artists a couple of future star DJs will emerge.

A big thank you from the BLR/ER/TIU Team.

James (BLR manager), Paolo and Dario (TIU organisers and promoters) and, of course, the man who started it all and glues the various aspects of the brand together Pablo (East Recordings label head).

And always remember: House is a feeling, y’all!

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