Music production degree

Music production courses are a booming market currently. But finding a good quality course is difficult. Finding one that’s also affordable is harder still.

However, we are pleased to endorse the 2 year Creative Music Production and Business Foundation Degree. Better still, they are local and have a solid track record of student success. To find out more watch the video below.

To sign up go to the CM website.

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Stavroz Interview

Ahead of their London debut on 6th May we caught up with Belgian house music live act Stavroz. You can read the full interview here and find out more about the guys. But better still grab a ticket for their gig at the Hoxton Basement through Resident Advisor. Stavroz
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dj-Vox lands in London

dj-Vox’s latest release on East Recordings is ripping up more tech-minded dance floors currently. Named after the first leg of his European floor, Heathrow has been supported by the likes of Luciano and is available in stores now.

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Luca Musto

We caught up with Berlin-based DJ Luca Musto a head of his set at Beans On Toast at the Hoxton Basement on the 6th May. Tickets are available through Resident Advisor.

Luca Musto Tell us about your background.

I started making beats with a hip-hop background back in 2004 recording several artists, bands etc and really started djing as a consequence of that. I experienced a wide range of musical genres in my childhood, which reflects somehow in my journey I guess.

What music have you coming out soon?

My first EP will be released on Feines Tier soon. A collaboration with Florian Rietze was also signed by Kindisch lately.

What is the club scene like in Berlin currently?

Berlin is pretty much a musical melting pot. People are open-minded and you can literally feel the spirit of techno and house everywhere. But it’s changing a lot. Actually, real quality parties are getting rarer.

What do you think of London?

It’s my first time visiting London and I’m really looking forward to feel the vibe. The city has this incredible historical background, which is really appealing to me. I’m exited.
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Beans On Toast

We are looking forward to a night of proper house music with the Beans On Toast crew at the Hoxton Basement 6th May. DJs on the night include Belgian organic house act Stavroz, Luca Musto from Berlin and Pablo del Monte.

Tickets are available through Resident Advisor, and we’ll be hosting a series of interviews with the DJs soon.

Beans on Toast flyer
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